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Arthur Ransome

Arthur Ransome

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Arthur Ransome was born on January 18, 1884, in Leeds. His father, a professor of History, instilled in the young Arthur a love of nature by taking him sailing, camping and fishing in the Lake District. Every summer holiday was spent in at Swainson's Farm on the edge of Coniston Water, a place that Ransome was to return to again and again and became the location for Swallows and Amazons.

Educated at Rugby, Ransome nursed a desire to become a writer from a very early age, being particularly fascinated by fairy stories. In 1929, he wrote the first of many stories revolving around the adventures of four children, based on four real-life children, including himself. The book was slow to sell at first but within three or four years of its publication it was universally accepted as a classic of children's literature. The sequel, Swallowdale, and another 10 books followed in quick succession and he won many awards, including the Carnegie Medal in 1936 for Pigeon Post.

Arthur Ransome’s twelve books about adventures in small wooden boats are utterly captivating: you can almost feel the breeze on your cheeks, smell the "pemmican" (corned beef) sizzling in the pan over the fire, see the sun setting over the still water. Sailing at night, roaming through the woods, camping where and when one wishes. Fictional places, but recognisably based on the Lake District and the Norfolk Broads. 
He died on 3rd June 1967.

Arthur Ransome books

1904 The ABC of Physical Culture

1904 The Souls of the Streets

1906 Highways And Byways In Fairyland

1906 Pond and Stream

1906 The Child's Book of the Seasons

1906 The Things in Our Garden

1907 Bohemia in London

1909 A History of Storytelling

1910 Edgar Allan Poe

1910 The Imp and the Elf and the Ogre

1910 The Book of Love

1911 The Hoofmarks of the Faun

1912 A Night In The Luxembourg. By Remy De Gourmont With Preface And Appendix By Arthur Ransome

1913 Life Of Oscar Wilde

1913 Portraits and Speculation

1915 The Elixir of life

1916 Old Peter's Russian Tales

1918 The Truth About Russia

1919 Six Weeks in Russia in 1919

1919 Lenin, the man and his work. By Albert Rhys Williams And The Impressions Of Col. Raymond Robins And Arthur Ransome

1920 The Soldier And Death

1920 The Crissis in Russia

1923 Racundra's First Cruise

1924 Aladdin in Rhyme

1927 The Chinese Puzzle

1929 Rod and Line

1930 Swallows and Amazons

1931 Swallowdale

1932 Peter Duck

1933 Winter Holiday

1934 Coot Club

1936 Pigeon Post

1937 We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea

1939 Secret Water

1940 The Big Six

1941 Missee Lee

1943 The Picts And The Martyrs

1946 Russian Fairy Tales

1947 Great Northern

1955 Fishing

1959 Mainly About Fishing

1964 A Walck Monograph by Hugh Shelley

1968 The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship

1976 Autobiography

1984 The War of the Birds and the Beasts and Other Russian Tales

1988 Coots in the North

1995 Arthur Ransome in Revolutionary Russia

1995 Favorite Russian Fairy Tales

1997 Signalling from Mars

2002 Racundra's Third Cruise

2005 Little Daughter of the Snow by Arthur Ransome

2005 The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales

  • The Children's books of Arthur Ransome a survey by Robert Thompson

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