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BBC Radio 3 "Amazonia" to be Broadcast on February 7

Arthur Ransome in Eastern Front War Correspondent's Uniform

BBC R3 - Garry Lyons' 'Amazonia, A Portrait Of Arthur Ransome'

Directed by Melanie Harris
Broacast February 7, 2010
Coded from a digital source at 128/44.1

Arthur Ransome is best known now for translations of Russian folk tales, and the Swallows and Amazons novels.

But once he was far better known for a scandalous libel suit with Lord Alfred Douglas (Oscar Wilde's 'Bosie'), and then for being overseas correspondent in Russia for The Daily News, and then for The Manchester Guardian.

He was in Russia during the 1917 revolutions, and the post WWI western interventions in Russia. His political
stance made him unpopular with the UK's intelligence services, who seem to have blackmailed him into doing some work for them. At the same time he was posting articles sympathetic to the Bolshevik's.

This is some of the story.

Arthur Ransome - Rory Kinnear
Lenin - Gordon Mounsey
Trotsky - Mark Chatterton
Evgenia Shelepina - Michelle Dockery
Ivy - Katie Collier
Foreign Office Minister - Gordon Mounsey
Lockhart - Mark Chatterton
Russian Officer - Joe Hughes
Tabitha - Emily Herbert
Young Arthur - George Herbert
Soldier - Christopher Anderton
Soldier - Christopher Arley
Soldier - Joe Hughes

AMAZONIA by Garry Lyons
AMAZONIA by Garry Lyons on

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